Deerfield Beach, FL 33441

Youth Ministry


XYZ Youth exists to not only develop young people spiritually, but to also provide a community where youth can feel safe and express their hurts to one another. We also exist to prepare youth for future ministry in and outside the church. Our goals are as follows:

  1. For an increased number of youth to begin coming to the program (Evangelism)
  2. To provide a safe environment where youth can confide in each other and use each other to grow spiritually (Fellowship)
  3. To prepare these young people for effective ministry within the church (Ministry)
  4. To provide these youth with an atmosphere of worship where they can continually encounter God (Worship)
  5. For young people to develop spiritually as disciples of Christ, i.e. reading their Bible and praying (Discipleship)


Pastor Tedd and Sharlene Riley are the currentĀ pastors of XYZ Youth. They have strong passions to see the youth in the area of Deerfield Beach changed for a lifetimeĀ and on fire for God. They have strong backgrounds in dealing with youth and children and long to see a generation that has encountered God firsthand. With their strong passions and the extreme need for a generation to encounter God in today’s society, we hope to see the city of Deerfield Beach changed forever, and youth to long to do the will of God in their lives.


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