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At Christian Love Fellowship church you have several opportunities to impact the community including visiting the women’s jail. Please join us at any time and help us make an impact in the community of Deerfield Beach.


CLF is doing a great work fro missions in foreign countries. We have medical, ministry, and construction teams working with pastors in Ecuador and we have our own local missionary Cindy Stephen working in Honduras. Cindy is working on a home for beaten and abused women. For more information on Cindy’s work CLICK HERE


Our women’s jail ministry seeks to do something that no one else will do. This ministry allows us to go into the women’s jail and touch those who have made mistakes in their lives. We have the ability to bring God to these people and give them a service that not many people enjoy doing. Many are scared of these people in jail. These people have simply made mistakes and want to change their lifestyle. They long to be closer to God and just want the opportunity. By giving them this opportunity we have seen them shine.

Food Pantry

Our food pantry is a one time emergency food program to assist those in need in our local community. In addition to our food assistance, we also assist with clothing to those in need in certain situations.

Love Invasion

LOVE INVASION IS A GROUP OF YOUNG PEOPLE WITH A DESIRE TO INVADE SOUTH FLORIDA WITH THE LOVE OF CHRIST. Everything we do should be rooted in LOVE. Our desire is to see people radically changed by the love of Christ. In today’s business, so many people are written off as unworthy and not deserving of our love. Christ has shown us that all are deserving of our love: the homeless person, the drug addict, the alcoholic, and many more. Love Invasion is committed to loving the unlovable, reaching the unreachable, and changing communities for Christ.

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